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across a separate, disparate sky
an unmapped set of stars still shines.
across consecrated trodden ground
shadows are at breath, ambling in their shadow joys,
absorbing the mists that absorb them.
words are said aloud, linger unloud in the listening air.
eyes shine sub rosa, speaking in the way of eyes.
snows fall, whispering as snow will
to the  shadows, who understand.
this sky belongs to the world that shares,
all its stars set high by hearts and hours,
by mists shared in eyes and mouths,
by calls of creatures who circle, prattle, and are free.
this air aches for a change of date, but time,
having moved the once with killing force,
declines to move again.
this ground belongs to time in bottles
clear and cold as ice, as still as stone.
belongs to joys of snows that fell and fell again,
to eyes and lights, to tears and times
of a world that spins alone and unsuspected,
inhabited by joys of ambling shadows
under this separate, disparate, singular
parallel sky.
read…     kaikenlainen(a brother)


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  1. love your blog,
    I returned your email, simply visit the site and click on a blue button under the poetry collection, submit your entry, have fun sharing..

  2. Jingle: So promising poets is another of your projects? I appreciate your compliment on this blog, but as I’ve said before, I’m reticent about joining things.

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