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Page Twelve
leave a message on a leaf
for william shakespeare…
that’s what she said, that opal, that lost girl…
leave messages on leaves.
and why then not?
it’s not as though I lack the time.
it’s not as if they made a crime,
these leavings, these small messages on leaves.
i’ll do it one day soon, 
i’ll make my notes for william shakespeare,
for lord mitty and his dame;
for a girl next door,
a father,
and a boy in camouflage.
i’ll make messages for fourteen murders.

i’ll go to the woods with crayons, as she did, 
that opalescent loss-girl,
to mark the colored words on last year’s browned-out leaves.
it’s not as if I lack the time.
it’s not as though this were a crime, this crayon-
colored, quiet and replete
leaving messages on leaves,
on last-year leaves that hopes and winds may blow,
may mail, to essences
the voice no longer stirs.

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