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Page Thirteen


blue pony is eating black roses
(pretending on a pc screen)
pine tree grows ornaments, yuletide all year
(mashed hopes a-dazzle on a screen)
blue pony is eating black roses…
I chuckle, and sparkle, and tear


all the downed hopes of trees are here
(pretending on a pc screen)
walnuts and rowans, cherries and plums…
all the wishes long-watered for sheep
and for goats and for chickens a-gab
are pulsing, pinking, bluing, greening
on a screen


my teeming land is dense with what exists
and what cannot,
with facts and fictions,
with echoes of dead dreams and days
that no one hears but me…


to play this game and fake this dream
long-slaughtered on the screen of a pc:
pink-real pigs hunt truffles in my pregnant woods,
white turkeys a-gaggle,
six ducks in the pond…
blue pony is eating black roses.


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Posted May 18, 2011 by mishibone, braon, braonthree, sehnen in poetry

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