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if ever you do write something,
if one day you pull it off,
please leave it where I can see.
the starving kitten suddenly gifted cream,
I lapped in desperation at your words
a running year.
so few words, so often,
that I left the bowl still hungry.
so cool, at times, that I
lay to sleep with the belly-chill.
but cream just the same,
cream to the starved, 
the unwanted, to a foster-soul
who made you new chores,
and brought expectations,
and craved a companion
in the face of your desire to 
come only when you wished,
to pour the cream only when it suited, 
to remain detached.
you never lack the things
an unwanted one has lacked,
haven’t had teeth kicked out for 
who knows how long,
haven’t had to drift unnoticed
and untouched. 
how can you possibly get it.
I craved the cream just the same:
hoping to feel it warm.
drank it to ease the pangs,
to have sips of things stolen,
feel the forgotten sensation
of a hand reaching to my fur.
my fur, in particular,
the fur of the starved, unwanted one.
if ever you actually write something,
please leave the bowl where I can see, 
where I can lap it up again,
unnoticed again,
skulking in the dark again.
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