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I would embroider you…
in colors now and
then in words and
then in homemade songs.
I would embroider your crystal core
if you would come.
You would see yourself woven, sewn
and softened;
would see your reflection in all little mirrors,
in tumbled shining stones,
in my failing eyes,
if you would come.
If you had come,
I would have arted you,
boasted you,
polished your pedestal daily with
my failing hands.
If you ever on any singular day had
stepped bravely and truly,
strongly, softly
over the threshold
of my rejected, ridiculed world,
I would have praised you praise
to sound in echo canyons,
to blaze in coral clouds and cobalt,
to sail the worlds and to stir, at last,
the burning, time-devouring stars.



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Posted July 30, 2011 by mishibone, braon, braonthree, sehnen in poetry

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  1. how are you?
    Glad to catch you today, amazing expression, keep it up.

    submit to poets rally if you wish.

  2. thanks again for the like, jingle. I’ve actually been reading some of your promising poets today. but the rules of joining feel confining for me. I’m at an age and time of life when I prefer to do things at my own pace, and in my own way. but, as always, I appreciate your invitations.

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