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you’ve been a dream made of
each single scene that enthralled me
you’ve been made of every note that held me breathless
you’ve been a home made of
bonds bound alone from the swarms and their whining
you’ve been that poet’s place, that deeper world.
what was it killed you,
left you in sharp bright shards around my bleeding feet.






ask me what it is to be unloved…
I have all the answers you could ever ask for.
ask me what it is to starve…
I have cries for hunger you can’t begin to hear.




you speak,
I wince.
you betray your screaming emptiness.
I wince.
you speak,
I cringe.
you betray your ungilded ugliness.
I cringe.
I wait for silver and gold to slide from a smile,
for tapestry to weave itself in wonder’s words,
and in the waiting,
in the long and longer, endless, burning waiting,
I turn black.



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  1. 4valentines4words left me a comment on the about anne page. I’ll thank him here, at the poems, for his encouragement.

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