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if I name you joy
will you run again
if I call you love
will you walk with me
where the hemlock stands
will you come to me there
if I wait till dark
if I wait till day
if I wrap my mouth in silence
will I hear your sounds again…
morning, evening, snow and summer,
moon and moments, heart to hand
if I judge you truth
will you raise your eyes
to my searching face
to my beating breath
if I count the stars again and
if I step the paths we knew,
breathing snow and breathing memory, 
will you then appear again…
or if I wait on ice and thorns
with frozen roses in my hands…
if I cry enough
will you hear the song
if I call you mine
will you walk again
by my side again
wake and sleep again
all we were and all we knew
and all we felt
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Posted September 21, 2011 by mishibone, braon, braonthree, sehnen in poetry

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