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if I could sing you to sleep,
I wonder what the words would be,
and what the notes.
or wouldn’t I rather sing you to life,
to your lilac trees, and moon-nights
on the bleachers where we sat,
to the coal bin under the floor
where you blackened up with dust, undaunted,
just to ask me questions.
wouldn’t I rather sing you back from blackness,
I a meager Orpheus plucking at this little harp
with clumsy hand, pealing out notes
with imperfect, breaking voice.
wouldn’t I rather sing you awake.
sleep, sleep…  doesn’t mean now what it meant.
the day for singing sleep is gone.
to sing you awake, to do what Orpheus did,
and try, oh try with a fearsome strain not to
turn round before the walk to light is done.
a lullaby for liam is not to sing to sleep,
not now.
a lullaby for liam is to waken,
to bring forth,
to lead with music from the empty
to the full,
to the lilacs again,
to moonshadows beside us
and tuna on the table,
to insulin and love,
to walking and a kiss.
a lullaby for liam
is a cry to sing open
a sleeping pair of eyes.
open those eyes, you Liam.
open those eyes, come see.
open those ears to the music.
open those eyelids to me.


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