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fat lady don’t come no more no more
fat lady don’t call on the phone
fat lady, one more fake
fluffed and frimped her mouth on friendship
fluffed and frimped on all the things we’d do
chewed out my favorite fables:
fealty and trust and you know all that stuff.
chewed ’em all out, those fairy tales.
the usual stuff:
we laughed, we cried, we confidenced.
the usual stuff:
I meant it.
fat lady don’t come no more,
don’t call at all on the phony phone.
fat lady no different,
no meat in the fat,
no blood in the heart,
no plans to do, to do, what blubber-lips can say.
fat fool me, I believed again.
fat fool me, I cared.
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2 responses to “twenty-two june ~~~~~

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  1. Earthy, powerful writing! You have such an inventive way with words and rhythms–well done! And your rage come at her betrayal comes through loud and clear.

    • Willow…. thank you so much. your comment means a lot to an ever-struggling writer, and a lot to a friend…. OneAnna, Clotilda, Literary, Lago, Urban… thanks so much for your likes. and thanks as well to new followers.

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