twenty-fifth july ~~~~~   4 comments

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yellow bird and blue,
you, at least, I know sing true.
true to the marrow, real to the heart.
but true ticking minutes
truly tear us apart.
I chose the yellow,
he chose the blue.
I asked for his friendship,
he left. And left you,
true bird in sky-blue.
sunbird in yellow, skybird in blue:
will sun rise tomorrow
and tomorrows again
with two birds in my hands,
in my truths,
in my plans?
will the sun let us linger
in spite of his flight, in spite of her biting,
in burning spite, in flying spite,
of those would hurt us?
bird of yellow and bird of blue,
sing me the answers,
sing me true.


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all photos, graphics, poems and text copyright 2011-2012 by anne nakis, unless otherwise stated. all rights reserved.


4 responses to “twenty-fifth july ~~~~~

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  1. Photo… many thanks twice today. Likewise to you, Scott.

  2. All of your poetry is so hearfelt and powerful,…also sad. Sending good thoughts for you and your birds and other family members.

  3. I always try to “Like” things you write, but it doesn’t always work 😦 On this poem, didn’t work before, worked today???

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