twenty-sixth july ~~~~~   3 comments

Page Twenty-eight


series of moments on a certain day
in the world of my own.
moments new as yesterday
in the only world where I’m safe.
table is round,
decked out with things I haven’t put away.
I set the pinto cavy on the table for a little lark.
tabby cat arrives, alights,
guarding a table she sees as her own.
there could be strife.


but cavy nibbles the leather purse, the satin purse,
candy bag, notebook, box of baggies, cat’s tail fur…
and there is no strife.
four months of separations behind them,
there is now, this day, no strife.
cat and cavy claim the turf together,
safe together now,
and I am safe with them.
one sacred piece of my autism world.
one piece of the meaning and purpose of my days:
to please the cavy and the cat.
this, the world where I am valued,
where I am lovely loved.
the blessing of my value shines at me
pure as moonlight
through pairs of pleased, perfected eyes.


this blessing of my value never comes,
never shines,
from that other, outer world
where I am never safe.



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all photos, graphics, poems and text copyright 2011-2012 by anne nakis, unless otherwise stated. all rights reserved.


3 responses to “twenty-sixth july ~~~~~

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  1. PhotoBotos, Clotida and SCOTT…. thanks very much. again. I appreciate your re-appearances. Anne.

  2. This one brought tears to my eyes…so sweet and wonderful that they can be together. Beautifully written, as usual.

    • Willow… it’s always one wish for my writing that it could stir people out of lethargy, or apathy, or complacency. whether to tears or rage, to laughter or empathy… anything to reach the emotions. thank you again.

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