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last day of winter
so it snows
all day long it snows
walk in it, shovel it, watch it in windows
but only late remember:
it snows on your brand-new grave.
snows on his grave, year on year
snows on you there with him,
just lately come, with flowers there a-wilt,
I presume.
not seeing,
I presume.
it snows there in that place not seen
for ten years and twenty and ten more again
snows on him
who trusted you
snows on you, lately come,
who broke his trust.
snows as it will one day snow on me,
I presume.
no other fixed place at hand,
it’s presumed I will go where you are.
it will snow on him,
who trusted you and shunned me
snow on you, who betrayed him,
who had no time for me.
snow, that I have loved,
will smother me there in the dirt
with both of you.
no place else to go.
closeness that in life you didn’t want,
he didn’t want,
closeness with me,
will come one day, forced on you both
in the dirt and the snow.
my mouth won’t tell,
your ears won’t hear.
readers of the granite words
will think we were a family,
and it will snow.
last day of winter.
it snows all day.
snows on me in exile,
snows on him for years,
snows on you, 
lain in his place,
snows all the day there
on you.



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4 responses to “nineteenth march ~~~~~~~

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  1. thanks again, Wallart

  2. thanks Shrinks

  3. Really wonderful and evocative – the softness of the snow against all the hard things of life. I know that you write to express your pain but there is great beauty in this as well.

  4. Janice/BBB… thank you so much. it means a lot to me. I suppose poets have always tried to make some kind of beauty in the expression of deep pain. if I succeeded once, then maybe I am a poet.

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